Who I am

François Yerg

François Yerg

31 years old
Saint-Blaise, France
Independant computer scientist

Developer of websites and self-taught computer technician, I am a passionate about my job. From product design to programming and optimization, management of the team and customer communication, my experience as an entrepreneur gives me a wide range of skills, a high degree of adaptability and a real sense of responsibilities.

After a long distance relationship of 2 years with my girlfriend who lives in Brunei Darussalam, we believe that it is time for us to be together and I decided to find a job out there to join her.

  • Good mood
  • Serious
  • Autonomy
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Learning speed

Web developer and webmaster

Practicing web development since 2005 as an amateur and then as a professional, I worked on many projects in various levels of development and often independently. I listen and I study your needs in order to achieve a modern and efficient website that will meet the needs of your visitors while providing a simple and enjoyable navigation. WordPress specialist, I also mastered the major web programming languages and frameworks.

Defining your needs and desires and advising you to create a storefront or e-commerce website that will meet the expectations of your visitors
Design a graphic in line with your image.
Making a website conform to the specifications defined using the most appropriate technologies.
Search engine optimization, update and ensure the proper functioning of your website.

My latest achievements

Computer technician

Establish a clear diagnosis of the damage and understand your needs in order to implement my knowledge to satisfy you. My many years of experience enable me to overcome viruses, bugs and other hardware failures. PC Specialist, I can help you in choosing your equipment, to install it and to use it.

Identify the origin of faults and find possible solutions
Implementing the possible solutions to restore the functioning of your equipment.
Optimizing your computer to improve its performance and ease of use.
Advising you to acquire new hardware or device.

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